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U Tri Cernych Ruzi (Prague: Mala Strana)

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U Tri Cernych RuziU Tri Cernych Ruzi

A rainy day and we needed a quick lunch. So we went to this small local pub that offers cheap food – 100 Czk for salad + main + dessert.

U Tri Cernych RuziU Tri Cernych Ruzi

Don’t know what this beer is (very good~). The Czech Salad was diced onions and cabbages with oil, vinegar, salt and pepper, quite nice.


Beef Goulash. I know it’s pub food. It tasted trashy and salty but it’s very satisfying (and tastier than your regular English pub food).

U Tri Cernych Ruzi

Smoked pork Pancake with Rotkraut (Fermented Red Cabbage). The pork was battered thin like Wiener Schnitzel (?) so the meat was very tender. The cutlet was soaked with sauce, soggy but flavorful. The thin pork folded like a taco shell with the sour cabbage in between. Delicious.


The chalk board saids “Homemade Honey Cake” for dessert but they gave us a regular chocolate cake (dry, no good).

The owner was so drunk. We could smell his heavy liquor breath whenever he approached. I know it’s a pub, but it’s still quite early. 😉

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4 Responses to “U Tri Cernych Ruzi (Prague: Mala Strana)”

  1. seat says:

    You mean the taco shell is a thin slice of fried pork soaked in sauce?

    Maybe the owner was drunk from the night before? (drinking til morning ^^;;;)
    Very funny painting!!!

  2. Freda says:

    Yes..that ‘shell’ is the fried pork! How it stay in folding shape unless it’s dried like cardboard..yet it’s not! It’s very moist and tender.

  3. valentine says:

    Is Beef Goulash like a staple dish in czech?
    kinda looks like curry rice with dumpling replacing the rice(^-^

  4. Joan says:

    Yeah haha goulash seems like the staple food for Central Europe, the entire area ate that…(and really they’re just like stew meat).