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Restaurant Stoleti (Prague: Old Town)

By in Prague

Our final night at Prague. We got stalled by going into an art show opening we came upon (which turns out to be crappy student/youtube quality video art works) and arrived too late at Restaurant Stoleti which was fulled already. It was raining and we were too tired to look for another place so we waited. Even though you see the same old travel guidebook on lots of people’s table (^^;;) but many belonged to locals patrons as well. The noteworthy thing about this place is that it’s got a vegetarian menu (a rarity in Prague).

Restaurant StoletiRestaurant Stoleti

Consistent with all the places we’ve been to, the interior also function as gallery space for local artists.

Restaurant Stoleti

We finished the drink while waiting for a table (about 40 minutes or so). The menu is very affordable and the ingredients are more interesting than they appear on photos. Each dish is also named after a famous creative person. Oskar KokoschkaTurkey skewer with prague ham and apple horseradish. The turkey was dry and bland, but the apple horseradish sauce was yummy.

Restaurant Stoleti

A Duck Special of the night. The duck was fat but it’s tender and smoky. The sauce is similar to a thinner version of the ‘ice plum sauce’ from Cantonese BBQ Duck, so it’s familiar but delicious. The gogi berry added a very nice sweet kick. The Spinach Pudding side was very yummy too.

Restaurant Stoleti

Rice pudding with whipped cream, peaches and apricot sauce. Very good!

Restaurant Stoleti
St. Mesto, ul. Karoliny Svetle 21

This concludes our Prague report. Since we had low expectations, we were pleasantly surprised by how much we enjoyed the food – there’s an exciting sense of development in refining and experimenting at the higher end. While the low end offers unpretentious, tasty, hearty meals that makes you happy (and go so well with their wonderful beers).

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4 Responses to “Restaurant Stoleti (Prague: Old Town)”

  1. seat says:

    I will definitely get very drunk if I gulp down a pint of beer with empty-stomach!
    Spinach pudding looks like Matcha marble cake, haha.
    There were four of you? How come only one main dish?

  2. Freda says:

    OH yeah they do look like marble cake! ^^:; Oh it’s editing. My friends ordered fish, which looked extremely bland in photo (she has no comment anyway, it’s the first time we had fish in Czech), so I didn’t bother to put it up. haha~

  3. valentine says:

    In Oskar Kokoschka, are those carrots?! wow, they gave you a lot!!Σ(゜o゜;)

  4. Freda says:

    I thought those steamed veggie weren’t so ‘pretty’ but they sure are the healthiest thing we had in Prague ever…^^;;;