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Hollmann Salon (Vienna: Inner stadt)

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After experiencing the satisfying breakfast, we had to check out Hollmann Belegate hotel’s restaurant, Hollmann Salon. Guest of the hotel can get a free coffee at daytime and a free drink at night. The restaurant is located down the block around the corner inside an old courtyard (Heiligenkreuzerhof, “the most beautiful and oldest courtyard of Vienna’s city center”) beyond a doorway at a small dead end street. At 9pm that courtyard door would close and there’s no way to get in even though the restaurant closes at 11.

hollmann SalonHollmann Salon

I absolutely love love love the interior space and decor! You know sometimes you fantasized about how your restaurant would look like if you were to open it, well this place is exactly my fantasy place. ^^;; It’s calming and elegant. Another pix. It’s an inspiring balance of modern and classic, homey and elegance, nature and design. I love the nice pale natural wood table top, dark wood floor, vault ceiling, organic shaped metal chandelier, chalkboard wall, natural linen table cloth, wood serving board, etc…it’s my dream comes true.

Hollmann Salon

Amazing homemade bread! So soft, light yet spongy. The waitress would give you more with no extra charges.

We decided this will be the dinner we blow our most dining budget to so we all got courses. Freda got the 49 euro four courses:

Hollmann Salon

1. Grilled Garlic Sheatfish from Neusiedlersee with Balsamic Radish and Spring Herbs Salad. I’m usually wary of fish in western cooking, but this is perfectly cook, very delicious!

Hollmann Salon

2. Thyme-Kidney and Veal-Liver with Elderflower Apple and Baby Spinach. I would never expect Veal liver to silky and smooth like Foie Gras, this is AMAZING! Definitely the highlight of the course.

Hollmann Salon

3. Waldviertler Chicken with Wild Garlic Polenta and Marchfelder Asparagus. Another dish that exceed my expectation (I rarely order chicken…a habit developed from tasteless Americna chicken). The chicken is wonderful. The leg is so tender that the texture is almost fish-like. Very fresh and flavorful. The polenta sides are very filling but so yummy, I couldn’t stop eating.

Hollmann Salon

Rice Pudding Souffle with Rosemary Strawberries and Tonka Bean Icecream. How can something so simple be so fantastic! The fragrance is so irresistable~~ It’s one of the best rice pudding I’ve had.

My four course (47 euro):

Hollmann Salon

1. Clear Celery Soup with Parsley Cheese Dumpling. The Viennese truly knows how to make really good soup, all the soups I had in this trip were superb. This is no exception, so flavorful with refreshing celery smell. The melting cheese dumpling is yummy.

Hollmann Salon

2. Crispy Zander with Apple Cabbage and Smoked Bacon. Very good! I was surprised at the not-so-small portion (since I thought it’s a 2nd course). Love the apple cabbage a lot too, well blend of sweet and sour.

Hollmann Salon

3. Beef Filet with Marinated Mushroom field Salad and Truffle Potato Cream. Amazing! I’ve never have beef this good before. It’s so tender that you almost don’t need knife to cut the meat. The truffle potato cream smells wonderful yet won’t be overpowering. This is easily the best dish I had in this entire trip.

Hollmann Salon

4. Pear Curd Cake with Vanilla Cream. I was already way too full by the time I get to my dessert but this smells so wonderful that I had to eat it all.

My friend’s three course (34 euro):

Hollmann Salon

1. Foamy Wild Garlic Soup with Truffle Egg and Smoked Pork Stick. The truffle egg was so good.

Hollmann Salon

2. Trout Roasted in One piece with Marinated Marchfelder Asparagus Salad, Celery Cream and Tomatoes. Yes the whole fish. It looks even bigger in real life. I was surprised my friend managed to finish it (even though she get squick by the fish head and covered it with napkin the whole way 😉 ).

Hollmann Salon

3. Rhubarb Sour Cream Tart with Almonds. Very good too.

Our stomachs were never that bursting full in our life. Everything was GREAT. The ingredients were all fresh and came from local regions. Pleasant interior, amazing food, great services, we had a great time~ They also have a 12 Euro Lunch course, unfortunately we didn’t have time to try.

Hollmann Salon
Grashofgasse 3, A-1010 Wien

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8 Responses to “Hollmann Salon (Vienna: Inner stadt)”

  1. Eileen says:

    This restuarnat looks fantastic.
    Both the interior design and food look inviting!

  2. valentine says:

    wow…the trout…!!(looks good though)
    I’ve never seen whole fish served like this outside of Japan!!(^o^;

    all the meat dishes, although they’re meat, looks so different from
    the czech dishes! I like them both ways. (^_-)-☆

  3. valentine says:

    by the way the doorway to this place looks absolutely gorgeous!!(@0@)
    Is it a painting or mosaic oh the wall?
    Is it historic or a replica?

  4. seat says:

    Basically every dish is “gosh I never had anything this good before”!! ^^;;;
    Quite amazing since you guys ordered different courses yet none of the dishes is less than perfect. This is THE place to go then when I get a chance to visit Vienna!
    btw, you guys went at the right season for white asparagus!!

  5. Freda says:

    The painting on the wall is historic! It’s some historic courtyard i think~~

    I thought the fish was Japanese too! Not only that, the non-whole fish was so perfectly cook like how Asian cook their fish.

    Haha Seat, that IS the impression! The quality is so consistent and high~ is that why there’s white asparagus in every dish hehe…(I like it when a restaurant’s menu is full of seasonal and local/regional ingredients).

  6. inner stadt says:

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  7. christina says:

    I just started reading your blog and it’s great. Wonderful pics.

    I noticed your trip to Vienna and Czech Republic. I was just there two years ago and spent some time last year in Budapest.

    I don’t know if it was just me, but like you, the meat was wonderful. I’m convinced it’s b/c most likely, they don’t do the factory animal plants we do here.

    I swear, the meat tastes better b/c the animals are raised humanely.

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