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Breadbar (Century City)

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We went to Breadbar at the Century City Mall for a light meal. From the menu their sandwiches didn’t attract us as much as the salad and bread. So We got the French Country Salad: brie cheese, mesclun greens, figs, granny smith apples and honey-balsamic vinaigrette and balsamic reduction. When the plate arrived we were quite taken aback by how little mesclun greens there were. The star was definitely the slightly baked figs with melting brie. It’s a very delicious combination. I wish there were a tad more balsamic reduction too for it was very tasty.


BREADBAR’s Bread Basket for Two: Chef’s selection of four different breads, comes with butter and spreads. I didn’t notice at that time but we only got 3 kinds of bread instead of four. Later on I saw the table next to us had baguette in addition to their basket. Oh well, too late to complain. The bread were very good indeed, definitely live up to their name. Great spongy texture, perfectly crispy crust, I especially liked the olive one. Wish I could try their baguette instead of the the double amount of walnut-raisin bread though. I prefer eating the bread with just butter or olive oil/balsamic vinegar. The spread didn’t do much for me.

Their bakery section has many other delicious looking pastries and bread too. Next time if I found myself at the Century City mall again I would just get the pastries and eat them at the bench outsides or at the food court upstairs.

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4 Responses to “Breadbar (Century City)”

  1. sean says:

    Their sandwiches are quite good, as the bread itself is well above average.

    But the real attraction is their *dinner* menu, which is posted out front on the back of the sign that has their regular menu. It was recently overhauled by Noriyuki Sugie, who masterminded their “Crudobar at Breadbar” event a couple months back. (I wrote about it here:

    I haven’t had a chance to sample the revamped dinner menu yet, but I noticed the fantastic black cod slider is still around, which by itself will assure that I’ll be eating there soon.

  2. Joan says:

    Thanks for the information, Sean. It’s exciting to know they have a different dinner menu by guest star chef. Hopefully they still have it!

  3. There are some really great restaurants in Century City…have you tried Ummba Grill?

    Let me know…

  4. seat says:

    The brie and fig are on a skewer? Looks difficult to eat – cheese melting and stuff. The presentation is trendy though~