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Good Microbrew and Grill (silverlake)

By in 05: Silver Lake + Echo Park

DSCN4330I just came back from a wonderful 4 days trip to Chiapas (the southernmost state of Mexico) for a project. I saw many beautiful sights and breathtaking sceneries. Of course, I had lots of amazing food there, thanks to our client Lenn. Report coming up soon. For now, got to clean up the old entries first.

It was a baking hot late afternoon and cold beer sounded very good. We walked by Good Microbrew and Grill and went in there randomly. I was delighted to see the huge selections of beer they have, they also have beers from around the world. We got Austrian’s Salzburger Stiegl and Czech’s Czechvar. Both are really good and reminded me of the wonderful Prague/Vienna trip earlier this year. I especialy love Stigegl, it had a wonderful rich malty taste and not bitter. I’m not familiar with proper beer descriptions, but it felt smooth when you gulp it down the throat and it left a nice slightly sweet aftertaste.

Food wise it’s mostly pub grub on the menu so I had no high expectation. We weren’t hungry so we got the Sampler Platter: potato skins, Spinach Artichoke Dip, Onion Rings and Armadillo Eggs. Trashy pub food but satisfying for us at that time and went well with the beer. I like the armadillo eggs the most, it’s actually cream cheese with jalapeno, not really eggs of armadillo.


We went back on another night for some good beer while watching the Olympics (there’re several big screen TV inside). Jon was hungry and got a Skirt steak. Surprisingly pretty good and well plated.

They have mystery beer night on Wednesday and dinner for $9 on Tuesday. Definitely come here for the wide selection of beer, they have several tap beer also. I just wish it would stay open later in the night.

Good Microbrew and Grill
3725 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026-1527
(323) 660-3645

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2 Responses to “Good Microbrew and Grill (silverlake)”

  1. Journey says:

    So many people hate this place… I have no idea why! I guess if you’re picky about the food you won’t like it.

    But the point of this place is the beer. Next time try some Belgian beers like St Bernardus Abt. 12, Duchesse Du Bourgogne (sweet), German beers like Reichdorf Kolsh, and EKU 28 (super strong!), and the American and Canadian microbrews. I have lots of recommendations, but the staff is usually pretty “Good” about showing you the “Good” stuff. hurr hurr

    Enjoy! Maybe I’ll see you guys there some day.

  2. Joan says:

    Hey Journey, thanks for the beer rec~ I definitely try them next time I’m there. Hopefully see you there some time!