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El Giraldillo Gourmet (Chiapas: Tuxtla Gutiérrez)

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IMG_3724On the last night in Chiapas, our client Lenn treated us gourmet dinner at the fancy and chic El Giraldillo Gourmet in the capital city Tuxtla Gutierrez. Apparently the governor recommended it as it’s his favorite restaurant in town. Once again it’s wonderful to have Lenn to handle the ordering. Though that also means I don’t know the names of some of these dishes. It’s a nice restaurant but the price is very affordable, most dishes are under $15. Chiapas price.

The service was top notch. When they brought out the dishes they seperated them for us. The tacos were the most delicate tasting tacos I’ve ever had. Good shrimp and meat with refine tasting sauce, very very good. Duck meat to make your own tacos (green color tortillas comes in a seperate basket).

I forgot what this is, there’s mushroom and onion…

Charboiled meat wrap asparagus. Very good.


Gourmet churros, chocolate souffle with vanilla icecream and Flan. I like the churros the most.

I was introduced to this alcoholic coffee drink Carajillo. Originally from Spain, in Mexico they use liquor 43 to mix with the espresso instead of brandy or rum. Creamy and very rich.  It’s so delicious! I got a bottle of 43 at the airport and tried it at home. Roughly about 2/3 liqor and ice + 1/3 espresso.

This concludes my trip to Chiapas. Next food entry back to LA~

El Giraldillo Gourmet
Boulevard Belisario Dominguez # 2008, Tuxtla Gutierrez – 29000, Chiapas

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6 Responses to “El Giraldillo Gourmet (Chiapas: Tuxtla Gutiérrez)”

  1. valentine says:

    whoa, I’ve never seen such beautiful churros…( ̄∀ ̄)!!

  2. Oh those churros (and everything else) look amazing.

    I was wondering- have you ever traveled to Bogota? Or anywhere else in South America? I have a trip coming up and was hoping you could give me some recommendations. Bogota, San Paulo, Buenas Aires, Santiago & Guadalajara…….?

  3. Joan says:

    Hey Tokyoastogirl, no I haven’t been to Bogota or other South America cities you mention. 🙁 I wish I did and will go in the future. I have friends who’ve been to Santiago and Buenos Aires, they love it and said the food is great.
    After seeing my friend’s picture of the food in Chile, I definitely wouldn’t miss the seafood:
    abalone with Mayonaise (!!!):
    a big bowl of Sea urchin:

  4. tn says:

    Ooh those churros do look amazing!! Any idea where we can get some good ones in LA? Sometimes Lucques has them, but I always miss it.

  5. seat says:

    Churros looks like Japanese snack Karinto~

  6. Thanks. Wow- a bowl of uni. Spectacular!