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Banquette Cafe (Downtown LA)

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DSCN4443Jon and I originally wanted to go to Lost Soul cafe but it was closed that day for some reason so we went to this cute little place next to Pete’s instead. I love the interior, it reminded me of the small corner cafe you see a lot in Paris where you can just go in any time of the day and get a glass of wine while reading your paper. All the customers and employees there seem to know each other, there’s a strong neighbourhood vibe to it. While we were lounging there, a little drama happened outside — a tenant who lives upstairs of Pete’s threw a picture frame down to the street and the glass almost shattered on the people sitting outside of Pete’s. Yikes~~

We went in for some coffee and late afternoon snacks: toasted bagel with sour cream and capers and Bruschetta with olive tapenade. The olive tapenade was tasty but got a bit salty after awhile, wish I had a glass wine to go with it instead. The espresso and french plum tea we got were good.

Apple tart that has big pieces of apples. Tasty!

I think this has became one of my favorite cafes to hang out in LA. The menu also has selections of sandwiches and breakfast and the price are all very reasonable. Can’t wait to go back to try them. And it’s nice to know there’s a casual place where you can just hopped in to get a glass of wine or coffee, sit as long as you want to read or use your laptop. For some reason there’s not a lot of places like this in LA, which is a pity.

Banquette Cafe
400 S Main St, Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 626-2768

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One Response to “Banquette Cafe (Downtown LA)”

  1. seat says:

    Maybe the tenant threw down a picture of his/her lover – French drama! ^^;;;

    The apple chunks on the tart just fell apart?