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Cha House (San Gabriel)

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The Taiwanese cafe at the hearts of Alhambra is a popular hang out spot for Asian kids, as it’s the only late night spot for them to hang out legally. What made the loud and cheesy Chinese pop music being blasted here tolerable is the Snowflakes: shaved condensed milk (iced). The texture is soft like ice cream and not as harsh and icy as regular shaved ice. AMAZING! Usually the mango flavor is the one to get, but it was no longer available because of the winter season.

Edit: This place changed their name from 85C to Cha House because 85C was a Taiwanese bakery chain who has opened one at Irvine.

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5 Responses to “Cha House (San Gabriel)”

  1. joanh says:

    wow they opened one in Alhambra too?! It’s only a matter if time til they (hopefully) hit west LA.. I don’t think they have the same menu as Taipei but the blueberry cheesecake is so good and cheap in Taipei

  2. I think they changed their name now to Cha House because the real 85c cafe opened up in Irvine. It’s not bad of a place and yeah…all the teeny boppers came out at night for this place.

  3. Freda says:

    Oh Pepsi Monster is that why they changed the name? Yes I heard that the name 85c is a rip off of a Taiwanese bakery chain.

  4. Yeah, what it is was that the real 85C is a bakery with a cafe. They are famous for some of their baked goods and cake. You usually can ordered one of their beautiful decorated slice of cake and enjoy it with fresh brew of their coffee.

    I knew that some people did come to the now called “Cha House” because people honestly thought it was going to be a bakery and didn’t know it was not the same thing. Now that the Irvine place opened up, there is no doubt about which place is the real 85C.

    Oh yeah, the snowflake is good at this location!

  5. angela says:

    where is this place located at? i would love to try the “Snowflakes”.