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Kruang Tedd (Thai Town)

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Kruang Tedd is one of the few Thai town places that try to have “ambiance”. It was dark and romantically lit. After 8pm there was a band playing 70s soft rock and retro Thai music (one of the customer requested a song and sang on stage herself). Perhaps because of the recession, the place was pretty empty.

Left: E-shan Beef steak. Very buttery and flavorful. The beef was a little fatty though. Sukuyaki Noodle: this sukiyaki is the Thai style Stir-fried glass noodle with cabbage, egg, scallion and morning glory. So delicious that the sauce wasn’t really needed.
Tossed Crispy Rice Salad: Toasted Rice, marinated grounded pork, crunchy sliced pork skin tossed with lime juice, dried chili and peanuts. We ate the incredibly crunchy, crispy and spicy dish with the lettuce…unhealthy but so good! Guilty pleasure!

Kruang Tedd
5151 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90027

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