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Xiomara (Old Town pasadena)

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The last entry of 2004….
DSC01815.jpgDSC01819.jpgDSC01817.jpgFinally tried Xiomara, the more upscale sister restaurant to one of our favorites: Atlantic Cafe. But unlike Atlantic which was strictly Cuban, Xiomara is a fusion of French, Spanish, Cuban and Asian cusine. They don’t open for lunch during weekends and their dinner is too expensive for me to afford without feeling meat pain so I’m glad for the hoilday which allow me to try their weekday lunch menu. The bread comes with black bean paste. The quiche looking thing is a free appetizer (with olive pate, egg and some mixed-sautee peppers on the side). Very yummy! Great start!

DSC01820.jpgDSC01823.jpgDSC01829.jpg Thursday Lunch set $14. Soup: (can’t remember the name ^^;;), it has tomato and avacado! Taste sour and beany, not my cup of tea. Entree: Cordero Picadillo con Moros y Cristianos Poblano pepper stuffed wtih ground lamb with spicy jus and black risotto. The top thin red piece is the pepper, sooooo nice~ I never liked beans but this black bean sauce is so light (in texture), watery, velvety and rich flavor. Dessert: Guava Sorbet 😀

Poblano Risotto with Tomatillo, Cilantro And Lime Juice $14.50 The top layer is manchego cheese, the risotto has 3 colors peppers, tomato, onion and garlic. Very yummy!!

Very wonderful place, great service! Though I think the exotic fusion dishes and pretty presentation are the attractions to me in this case. Their menu is definitely an acquired taste and for more adventurous souls (like I still find avacado in a tomato soup a bit too weird tasting ^^;;). Oh they opened another one at Melrose, it’d be a great choice for a less busy workday lunch.

I saw that they have New Years eve dinner course which is $100 per person!!! *O*;;;;;

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2 Responses to “Xiomara (Old Town pasadena)”

  1. seat says:

    Very very nice presentation indeed!! Want to try both of the main dishes~~~~Same here I usually won’t order anything with black bean – too healthy for my taste. ^^;;; Avocado in soup…is a bit weird though. I know what you mean, fusion and imaginative dishes give you a sense of excitement for challenging the “unknown”, but nothing beats a big chunk of good roasted meat, hahaha~~~ ^^;;;;
    14 dollar including soup, main and dessert??? That’s so cheap!!

  2. Freda says:

    Yup it’s so ‘cheap’ consider the restaurant is labeled $$$ level. If I ordered normally (soup/salad + entree + dessert + drink) it’ll be about $40+….too much… 🙁