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Back Alley (Koreatown)

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We tried to go to Dan Sung Sa (aka the “Kim Jong Il mural painting Korean Pub”) but there’s a long wait. So we crossed the street and went to a similar Korean Pub that’s hidden in a back alley, called Back Alley (or DGM – DwitGolMok).

The entrance is located at the back parking lot. After you went inside the building you would come out on the other side of the hall and came upon this courtyard. Go through the door with this green sign and the pub is located on second floor.


The space is bigger than Dan Sung Sa but it’s just as smoky and dense. It also has the same retro 60s post war night market quarters greasy interior with newspaper covered walls.

Then we came upon a big problem: there was no English menu. Usually we came with Korean-speaking friends but there isn’t one in the group. The waiters could only speak limited English…so we ordered by memory (Korean pronouciation) and describing the dishes.


The Dumbells (fishball with glass noddle fillings wrapped by seaweed with plum sauce) doesn’t look as “rounded” as Dan Sung Sa’s, and didn’t taste as good as well. This Spicy Octopus pretty much KILLED my taste bud with the chili sauce. My mouth was numbed and beyond fiery for the entire night and I just could not tamed it (should have asked for a glass of milk).


Fried Chicken Wing and Pork Belly. Both are tasty but unfortunately the untameable spicy assault in my mouth prevented me from fully enjoying these two dishes.

We also ordered some skewers but the beef ones are too tough to eat. I think generally Dan Sung Sa’s food are better made, but this is a fun place to hang out.

Back Alley
3275 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90010

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