February 3, 2005 2

Marina del Rey Bay + Beach

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DSC02170.jpgDSC02169.jpgDSC02172.jpgDrove out to Marina del Rey for lunch (5-10 minutes from office) and I got lost. After wandering through blocks of nice residential seaside houses, all the sudden we came to a dead end: a bay that led out to the ocean. There’re long nice ocean-view walk ways lead you very far out to the ocean, so nice~ I want to live here!!! Though these rows of houses are facing a nasty-looking river ^^;;

DSC02193.jpgDSC02195.jpgI always eat out at the beach but never once take picture of it. Here’s the Marina del Rey beach~ 😀 Look exactly like the Manhattan Beach, except with whiter sand. Both are so empty during weekdays.

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2 Responses to “Marina del Rey Bay + Beach”

  1. seat says:

    The sky and the sea are so blue! But why is the river nasty-looking??? ^^;;; Polluted??

  2. Freda says:

    I imagined it must once be a very nice river, because they built some stairs and viewing dock to go down at the river too. Now it’s drying and there’s more mud than water. At least I didn’t smell anything. ^^;; The houses are all so nice though, mostly individually built and designer by owners in modern style.