February 22, 2005 2

Tandoor-A-India (Playa del Rey)

By in 14: Marina del Rey

DSC02364.jpgDSC02370.jpgNonstop thunder storm today. We attempted to drive to Manhattan Beach but we were ‘blocked’ by scarily heavy wall of rain when we got there, the vision were totally blurred and the roads half-flooded so we had to turn back. We found this cheap local Indian place nearby. It is built on a steep slope that the fear of mudslide did crossed my mind ^^;; The Naan bread is very good, soft, buttery, freshly baked! I can eat that forever!


Mango Lassi $2.5 taste too light. 🙁 We had the Buffet $6.95. We didn’t expect it since the place is so small, but somehow they manage to fit a room full of buffet servings. I don’t know what the food are: the giant crispy thing is very heavy mixed of curry potato bean inside. The dark green paste is spinach, and There’re potato curry, chicken, assorted fried vegeteble, etc. They’re all tasty, better than my expectation.


Left pix is various dips and sauce. The unnaturally bright ice-green thingy tasted like salsa. The chips (from buffet plate) taste like a thinner, smoother and better tasting tortilla. Right: rice-pudding dessert. The ball is a donut-like thing that’s soaked with sweeten honey sauce. Nice value for so much food!

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2 Responses to “Tandoor-A-India (Playa del Rey)”

  1. seat says:

    Oh that fried potato dumpling is samosa la. You got the veggy one? There is meat samosa too, which is very good. And I know the indian sweet flour thing with honey – dunno the name though – I used to find it gross because it is too sweet, but after a few tries you just get used to it and can get addicted to it(scary huh ^^;;). 7 dollar is very cheap indeed! Did you go for second round??

  2. Freda says:

    Oh those are called samosa~ I didn’t want to overstuff myself so I control myself from getting more. I did get some more chips though and some curry sauce (without the meat) for the bread-dipping though. ^^;; If I were to get more plate I’d get those spinach pate thingy for the bread too ha! Yeah I though the sweet ball is kinda gross…the flour was totally soaked, it’s like when you dipped your bread into soup/sauce it made sense since there’ll be the dry part to balance, in this case it’s just wet wet wet all the way ^^:;; Though for the sake of clearing the curry spice taste in my mouth I kept eating it. After this discovery, I’ll go back there for lunch in future~ 😀