February 27, 2005 7

San Sui Tei 山水亭 (Temple City)

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DSC02447.jpgDSC02442.jpgDSC02449.jpgQuick dinner at local Japansee ramen place 山水亭 nearby my house. Takoyaki, good! Hiyashi Miso, a bit too salty and spicy. Need to keep drinking water for the rest of the night. Nagasaki Ramen, supposedly’s San Sui Tei’s most popular item. It’s really just mixed ramen with veggie, canned mushroom and fake crab. The soup is addictive though. $21 tax and tips included. I’ve been among one of their first customer since it opened about ten years ago, it’s a local hidden treasure.

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7 Responses to “San Sui Tei 山水亭 (Temple City)”

  1. seat says:

    The Hiyashi Miso seems kinda sweet…is that ham on it?

  2. Joan says:

    It’s not sweet at all, just very strong salty miso mixed wtih chili sauce. So it’s spicy too. Yeah that’s ham. Usually they put the sauce in a seperate bowl so you can pour in yourself accordingly, dunno why they pour it on all over this time. 🙁

  3. tina says:

    I like this place since is closer than Little Tokyo, but I’ve seem so many pissed off customers at this place. When the place gets crowed, some ppl waited almost 1 hr. for their food to be made since there is only three ppl working at this tiny place. last time I went there with jason, 3 tables of customers got up and left cuz they waited for so long. The cheif came out and he was pissed off too ^^;; . . . it was kinda scary cuz the customers are yelling and the cheif is waving around the huge cooking spoon!!

  4. Joan says:

    really ^^;;; I’ve never seen San sui tei that crowded before. Back in the early days when no one goes there, the chef would sometimes come out and chat with customers, ask how we think of the food, especially when they’re special trial-period dishes. There used to be “ladies’ day” on Wednesday where girls get free ice-cream too. Good old days. 🙂

  5. tina says:

    wow, how long ago was that? I thought San sui tei was never crowded too until that wkend lunch. . . maybe cuz when we were still in school, we can go during odd hrs.

  6. seat says:

    What?? The chef brandishing his cooking utensil on customers?? What a funny scene that must be….^^;;;

  7. Freda says:

    Oh my what a scene ^^;;; Yeah that place is so under staffed, it is a 2-3 people operation, we waited a bit that night too because the poor waitress was too busy. There’s another local Japanese restaurant nearby, it’s a tiny Japanese family run restaurant that’s been around forever, and there only husband as chef, wife as host and their 8 year old daughter as waitress (a tiny little girl serving us tea or those bento box, quite a scary sight). It’s a test of patience to eat there, the food took forever to come ^^;;;