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Tibet Nepal House (Old Town Pasadena)

By in 02: Pasadena

DSC02474.jpgDSC02479.jpgDSC02482.jpgFinally try Tibet Nepal House, a tibet nepal place in Old Town Pasadena we’ve always wanted to try. They’re more known for Clay Oven. But we didn’t try it since we weren’t so hungry. It comes with bread and soybean. Mango Lassi and Himalayan Lassi, the regular white one is better.

DSC02485.jpgDSC02487.jpgTSE (Vegetarian) $ 6.95
Spinach and PHING, slightly seasoned with ginger, garlic, onion and coriander. VERY simple and healthy tasting ^^;;; Nepali set meals, $12.50. Basmati Rice with 3 types of curry. I like the taste of the middle one the best, it’s more watery than others.

DSC02489.jpgDSC02490.jpg The desert comes with the meal, we picked KHIR, Rice pudding served with almond slices raisins and walnut. It has strong Ginger flavor in so it taste rather unique, very yummy! Crepe with vanilla Ice cream and chocolate syrup haha not very Tibetan/Nepal AT ALL. It taste rather normal.

Tibet Nepal House (626) 585 9955
Tibetan & Nepali
36 E Holly St. Pasadena CA 91103

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5 Responses to “Tibet Nepal House (Old Town Pasadena)”

  1. seat says:

    You mean food that is cooked in Clay Oven would take longer so you didn’t order any? Like grilled meat and stuff?

    The Vegetarian is just an appetizer, not a main right??

    The bread pudding looks very good!! The meal itself is like US$20? Yet there is so much extra stuff that comes with the meal!

  2. Joan says:

    Oh the vegetarian thing is a meal, it’s basically Tibentan noodle. It looks small in the picture huh ^^;;;

    Yeah our final bill (With tax and tips) is $25 or so! The drinks weren’t free though…^^;;; Still love such value!

  3. Eileen says:

    yum~~~~ This looks kinda like Indian food. I want to go try it too. They also have $7.00 lunch buffet. Maybe I’ll go try that. ^^

  4. Joan says:

    Yeah Tibet/nepal food is like a mix of Indian + Chinese food! I wonder if the buffet is good too~~ Definitely try the rice pudding :D!

  5. Freda says:

    Tibetan food menu is very limited, probably because Tibet is…errr not very wealthy to offer much gourmet. They’re just very plain food that taste Chinese. The Nepali and Himalayan menus have much more to offer~~ (which is a lot like Indian food, lots of curry)