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Green Zone (San Gabriel)

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A friend of mine introduced me to this organic Chinese cafe called Green Zone at SGV. Their under construction website titled itself ‘Fine Organic Cuisine’, though it seems to be their menu is more like casual Hong Kong diner staples (Wonton Noodle, Hainan Chicken Rice, Pasta, Curry), but they were made with a lot of heart and refine presentation.


The small interior space is simple and wood texture based. My friend is vegetarian and the menu has a pretty good selection for her, such as  Grilled Tofu.


They offer a good selection of fresh fruit juice and herbal tea. I tried the Lavender Tea (very Lavender tasting, reminded me of bath time) and Apple + Grape Juice.


The Dumplings (Shrimp and Bok Choy, Shrimp and Chinese Chives) are great! The skin is very thin but hold up well. I like the bok choy filling more.


Wonton Noodle. The broth is not the traditional Hong Kong style but very yummy nonetheless.


One of the many vegetarian dishes is the Japanese inspired Sukiyaki. It’s basically a bowl of soup with medley of vegetables in sweet broth. You have the choice to get brown rice to go with it.


Hainan Chicken Rice. Though the chicken has little chicken flavor but it’s tender, but the highlight is the flavored rice.


Good, fresh tasting Mango Mousse Cake.

From what I’ve sampled so far, seems like every dish is done well and the flavor is never generic. I feel a lot of heart in this place, and would love to be a regular here. Seems like it’s run by a group of young people.

Green Zone
534 E Valley Blvd. San Gabriel, CA 91776

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3 Responses to “Green Zone (San Gabriel)”

  1. WeezerMonkey says:

    I *love* this place! We go there a lot, and the people who run it are fantastic — they always remember what each of us orders and never skimp on the passion iced tea, which, if you haven’t tried yet, you must!

  2. I would eat at Green Zone all the time if I lived closer.

  3. Freda says:

    Yes Food Marathon, I wish i live closer as well.

    WeezerMonkey, yes I get the feeling the people who run it are loving it, hence you feel the heart and effort. Def. try the passion ice tea next time.