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Macrina Bakery & Cafe (Seattle: Belltown)

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This would be the last entry on our Seattle trip (finally~). Another unforgettable gourmet brunch! This would be another place I’d missed most. It’s half cafe half bakery shops. The crowd was crazy that morning. We waited for 15-20 mins and at last got counter seats. The chef cooked in an open kitchen in front of us (that was her hand grabbing bread haha). The coffee was strong and good. The food here are all organic and taste unique, even though it’s regular eggs, french toast, etc. They are non greasy, and got these subtle flavor and aroma (a bit fruity and sweet), wonder what herbs and spices were in them.


Vero’s Smoked Salmon Scramble: Eggs scrambled with onion baily, cold-smoked salmon & herbed creme fraiche, with herb-roasted potatoes & Organic Green Salad. $10 Toasted Almond Waffle $9.25: topped with Fresh black plums & almond butter, apple wood-smoked bacon. This is heavenly ♥~ So many subtle taste. This I never expected much of waffle~ Amazing how the bacon are nearly fatless and not greasy.


Joan: Brioche French Toast $9.25 French toast served on a pool of mango puree & topped with fresh raspberries and honey creme fraciche, served with pork-apple sausage links. Very delicious! The mango sauce is subtle and won’t be too strong or sweet. The sausage has apple flavor which is very yummy!

Typing this made me drool. I want to try everything on the menu! X0

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4 Responses to “Macrina Bakery & Cafe (Seattle: Belltown)”

  1. vero says:

    my god, haha the sausages don’t look right! haha..
    I sent this picture to my friend, and it’s wrong hahaha
    anyway, this place is my favorite weekend stops… when I crave for something sweet, I’d go there… to just grab their mocha and pastry… nothing ever went wrong yet so far…

  2. seat says:

    Everything looks so good~~~I had dinner but after looking at the pics I feel so hungry again and am eating chips now…

    I am staying with my friend now(I am officially homeless for this week) and apparently she stayed in Bellingham(in the middle of nowhere according to her) and she used to visit Seattle often so she recognised most of the names of the places in your entries. She said she went to Uwajimaya which is a Japanese area. She said the salmon in Seattle is really good, completely different from other places, and seafood generally is good too – so it seems from your pics though!!

  3. seat says:

    Oh I remembered all along but completely forgot on the day…I was packing on that day! Sorry!!^^;;;;; Belated
    Happy Birthday!!! \\^0^//
    Dunno how to type the heart shape but *heart*x2 to you~~~ ^^;;

  4. Joan says:

    Hey thanks! We went to a very good place for bday~~so happy ^o^~~ I’ll have the entry up soon!

    Yeah I got smoked Salmon and smoke oyster from seattle, haven’t try the salmon but the smoke oyster is gooooood!