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Sante La Brea (La Brea)

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pictures-003.jpgpictures-014.jpgpictures-028.jpgBetter publish week-old entry before moving on. We took a long lunch break with a big group of colleagues last Monday. A vegan picked Sante La Brea, a trendy place offers wide range of healthy and vegan dishes. There are so many items on the menu that it was kind of hard to choose what to get. The place has strange purple lighting too, so the pictures is vibrant colorful looking. Greek Salad (mine, so-so) and Blackened Salmon wrap (Preston’s, said it’s pretty good).

pictures-019.jpgpictures-017.jpgA vegetarian entree Chx stir-fry vegetables (Jason’s, he seems to enjoy it?). Chx Fajita, a chicken wrap (Greg’s, who said it’s pretty delicious)

Sante chicken Sandwich, (Yan’s, she said it’s so-so.) Grilled Veggies Pizza, shared by Danielle and Bradly. It’s a vegan pizza so there’s no cheese, it also turns out to be a lot smaller than the waiter sells it so it wasn’t filling enough for them in the end. Mediterranean Tuna Salad (Stan’s, forgot to asked him his opinion). Somehow I missed taking pix of Peggy’s dish!?

pictures-010.jpgJason, Greg R, Jason L, Yan, Stan, Danielle, Peggy, Bradley, Preston. For some reason many people are hungry soon after the meal. Too Healthy and organic? ^^;;; Not sure I like the place, may be I should try their omelettes instead.

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3 Responses to “Sante La Brea (La Brea)”

  1. tina says:

    the food looks really colorful with all kinds of veggies. Yan looks really cute in the photo 😀 i read somewhere that meat is more filling than veggie and starch, so maybe that’s why everyone got hungry soon after the meal . . .

  2. seat says:

    So nice that all of you went to lunch together! The wraps look quite good. Joan you only had salad for lunch?!

  3. Joan says:

    Yeah I only got Salad because I wasn’t too hungry. i regretted though ^^;;