April 1, 2005 9

Cafe Pierre (Manhattan Beach)

By in 17: South Bay

DSC02907.jpgDSC02908.jpgDSC02911.jpgLamb Risotto and Pumpkin Ravioli. Both are so-so. The waiter proudly recommended the pumpkin ravioli, claiming that it has been on their menu for 15 years. But seems like there’s only pure plain pumpkin (no cheese or herbs) and the texture of pumpkin didn’t compliment that well with the ravioli…not creamy enough. The dessert is Chocolate Bread Pudding, my god it’s so delicious! I think…this is the BEST bread pudding I’ve ever had!!! *O*

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9 Responses to “Cafe Pierre (Manhattan Beach)”

  1. seat says:

    Like what kind of experiences? Travel? Study?

  2. Freda says:

    all kinds, traval, what you read/hear/saw…everything~ That’s why I think to be a better designer, one has to continue to open their eyes/ears/tastebud/views, to know more.

    ARRRRR my company dump me this music video project on Friday to work on over the weekend, (hence in front of computer now). I need to come up with concept and flesh out a full length storyboard to present to client on Monday morning! And all responsibilties weight on me solely becoz Adam is burden by another project (also due on Monday). This is crazy~ First of all the song is not that inspiring (bad cheesy stupid ‘dark’ song), and record company don’t want a ‘performing’ vdo (no band appear) which means I can’t cheat with having the band playing all the time. I’ve never design a music video before. It’s so hard~ X-O I’m just going back my ‘dark’ root right now, trying to milk some ‘gothic’ visual shit on it (a ‘lazy’ tactics I used in artcenter that never failed me hahaha ^^;;)

  3. seat says:

    Poor~~~wonder how the bad cheesy stupid dark song sound like, ha!

  4. tina says:

    haa, since we are on the cheesy dark gothic shit topic, i saw BT’s new music video over the wkend…man a chan is still so cute!!! even though he is almost 40. i haven’t listen to their stuff for a while, but im digging through my itones right now trying to refresh my memories before i buy the new album.

  5. Freda says:

    I finished the storyboard for the music video on Sunday night, whew~~~ That just killed me almost, sitting in front of computer 2 days/2 night straight, reminds me of Artcenter finals. My stress pimples pop out, and my body and brain is still tense. Thank god I have twin (again), I got Joan to help out some frames too…hehe~ But when I sent in my board and they (boss, adam) put it together, they changed my story (in the descriptions and taking out last frame) to make it more *positive*…arrrr…My story was more sinister and dark, they made it all redemptive and sweet at the end…arrrrrr (reason: fear it’s too dark for record company people…-__-).

    Oh BT new video? sound nice~~ where you see it? I got the new BT single, it’s fun (1st song a bit cheesy pop though). Hey if you want the mp3s I can upload them, or buy the thing yourself to help support our dear aging rockers ^^;; Seems like they’re going goth again in latest album huh, I’m going to get their new album. It’s a cultural recylcing I think, I’ve been listening to a lot of BT lately since I got ipod. Not only them, I built a very extensive itune library of the likes of Bauhuas, Love & Rocket, siouxie, Joy division, bowie…etc., and I still found them very awesome.

    Haha I sent Seat this, take a look: Achan the vampire slayer. ^^;; (*goosepimple*)

  6. tina says:

    pahhahahahaha, if i wasn’t in the office, i will be on the floor laughing my head off!!!!! i was going to buy this movie base on the same concept of “buy the thing yourself to help support our dear aging rockers”, but thank god i didn’t!!!! man it’s so funny!!

    yeah, i have no complain about mose of their music, but acting. . . ^^;; i don’t think so. anyways, the MTV i saw over the wkend is Romance. i totally didn’t hear what the song was about (i played the mtv twice) cuz he is just TOO HOT T_T man it’s so unfair. . . why can’t woman be this breathtaking. . . even jason can’t take his eyes off the screen. . . Achan’s make up and the whole goth outfit/setting is just beautfiul. and he keep doing these flowing gesture with his nicely painted fingers (i think he has fake nail on) that is just mesmerizing. . .

    my BT collection is so incomplete!! i got copy here and there from you and joan, and then buying some of their older stuff online and hitting the used store in torrance. . . so from now on, i am buying every single one of them! btw, where do you buy their album? i get them from yesasia.com, but i wonder where else can you get them for cheaper and faster delivery?

  7. Freda says:

    Oh found some d/l
    Download Romance PV
    Download B-T on Popjam 2 days ago
    I can’t watch them here on my mac though. oh well…^^;; Gosh feel so weird, how nowadays these videos and mp3s so easily accessable online.

    I bought Romance single in Torrance’s Kinokuniya. Since I’m no longer compulsive collector I used to be, so I just buy whenever I see it on shelf (if I missed it, then there it goes). So far I was lucky enough to be at the right time and got everything. The first edition of Romance single comes with a DVD too, there’s a live performance of “Love Me” in there (wow so nice to see them playing super old songs), Imai hopping so cute. I think I’m just going to either Little Tokyo or Torrance around the time when the new album released, it’ll be there probably. Really no one buys them anyway ^^;;. It’s expensive but then since I bought these new releaes like once every 2-3 years so it doesn’t matter ^^;; If you’re looking for some hard-to-find rare BT/Achan tracks lemme know I can upload them. Their old record company will re-release a new mix of their super old song Dress as single later this month, I think I might as well get that too since the cover has gorgeous young gothic Achan and bunch of rare live tracks.

  8. Freda says:

    hahaha~ some popular “host” guy from Kabuki-cho self-proclaimed to be dead-ringer to Achan and Johnny Depp, puhleeeze, hell no!

  9. tina says:

    oh my god!!! who is he kidding?!! not only that he looks kinda fat!!