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Yang’s Fry Dumpling 小杨生煎館 (Shanghai)

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Wujiang road food streetWujiang road food street
One advantage of the location of JIA is that it’s very close to WuJiang Road Food Street. Wujiang Road is a short street filled with local small restaurants selling snacks and cheap eats. Some places are definitely more popular than others, you can tell from how long the queue is. Almost every guidebook tells u about Yang’s Fry Dumplings. “Fry Dumplings” are called Sheng jian bao in Chinese. It’s small bao filled with pork and soup inside and are pan-fried till the skin became crsipy and golden.

Wujiang road food street

The pan-fried baos were really good! The skins were perfectly crispy, and it’s really juicy inside. The meat inside was tasty too. Beware of the hot soup when you bite into it though. Freda accidently broke the skin of one of them so the juice all leaked out onto the tray. I like that these are bite size too. Forgot how much they cost but they basically cost nothing…about something like US 40 cents.

I found Wujiang food street to be a little too short and not “dense” enough to be a proper good food street though . It probably used to be longer with a lot more food stalls but they got shut down or “modernized”, which is a pity.

Yang’s Fry Dumpling 小杨生煎館
54-60 Wujiang Lu, there’s outposts in many other locations including one at Huang-he road which is another “food street”, will report later.

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  1. weezermonkey says:

    I love sheng jian bao! 40 cents?! Awesome!