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Pie’n Burger (Pasadena)

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DSC03491.jpgDSC03474.jpgDSC03480.jpgFinally try the famous Pie n’ Burger in Pasadena. Adam said they have the best burger in LA! The interior is very homely 60s, most of the seats are counter seats (I like!!). We sit right in front of the kitchen, and it’s fun to watch Rocky IV that was playing on the TV monitor! 😀 It’s sooo corny cheesy fun! (it’s the one vs the Russian).

Turger burger with french fries as side order. Wow it taste really really good! So juicy and fresh and I love the sauce. The “best burger in LA” claim is possibly true! Adam said the Cheese Burger is THE best one to get, next time next time ^^;;

Swiss on rye sandwich with Potato Salad. Plain and so-so…should have just stick with burger. 🙁 Adam said their hotdogs are no good either.

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3 Responses to “Pie’n Burger (Pasadena)”

  1. seat says:

    Damn, after only a few days of Canadian food – Burger King(it is not real meat!!!), Tim Hortons’ donuts(too sweet!!!), horribly tasteless coffee, disgusting hotel buffet – the burger pics on your entry can no longer appeal to me like before. I feel ill!! 4 more days to go!! X0!! I hope Vancouver has more decent food~~~~ Prince George is so boring too!! My sister and my mom are playing ma-jog(?) with my sister’s roomates, my dad has gone back to the hotel to sleep very early on, and I watched Shonin soccer on VCD last night and am looking for something else to watch after this…again I hope Vancouver would be better…Hitchhiker guide to the galaxy is showing in the cinema! Really tempted to go and watch by myself but I need my sister to drive me there and back but she has to entertain my mom~~~~argh~~~!!!!

  2. seat says:

    btw, the people here are very big size~~~~I thought Canadians are not as obese as Americans but they are just the same!

  3. Freda says:

    You’re at Canada already~ MY GOD eating at fast food chained! NIGHTMARE!!!! Damn I hope you have a better time at Vancouver, at least for Chinese food (isn’t there a saying that a lot of good cooks in HK immigrate to Vancouver?) I watched Hitchhiker, I have mixed feelings toward it, on one hand it’s quite faithful in essence but somehow something’s weird about it, like it’s too “slick” to fit the quirky and randomness of the Monty Python humor.
    (haha I didn’t know…maybe Prince George is very suburb so more err…non-urban people…^^:;;)