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888 Seafood restaurant (San Gabriel)

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DSC03415.jpgAn old entry. We had family dinner at 海珍 which was our favorite Chinese restaurant before Mission 261. ^^;; They’re still really good though (and cheaper), especially dinner. Thai Seafood salad, Scapllop stir fry in XO sauce, Typhoon Shelter Crab (the little pieces are garlic), “chicken leg” mushroom in Pumpkin sauce (excuse me for not knowing the English of this type of mushroom ^^;;, it’s called such way in HK becoz it tastes a bit like chicken). Everything taste really good and unqiue! BTW if you find Mission 261’s dim sum too expensive, 海珍 is the next best one you should go to for genuinely good dim sum.

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2 Responses to “888 Seafood restaurant (San Gabriel)”

  1. seat says:

    Thai salad and pumpkin sauce in a chinese restaurant? Yeah, a touch of exotic flavour is what I want. Can stand traditional chinese food anymore~~~~ ^^;;;

  2. Joan says:

    Yeah exactly! Traditional bland Chinese food is just too boring. I like this place because they have lots of exotic and creative unique dishes like that.