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Tsui Yuen Dessert (Hong Kong: North Point)

By in 09: Hong Kong

After seeing a Chinese doctor in our old neighborhood at North Point, we randomly went into a very traditional style Hong Kong Sweet Shop called Tsui Yuen. To be honest, the place is looking very old and unkempt…very hole in the wall indeed. The kitchen is at the front with glass window.


Sweet Beancurd Sheets with Pearl Barley $10 HKD  So GOOD!  Very refreshing, healthy tasting and the unique tofu + barley aroma and flavors is so lovely.


Sweet Sesame Rice Ball with Ginger Tea $10 HKD  The full, light, fresh and incredibly smooth rice balls are stuffed with slightly crunchy sweet sesame paste inside. With the sweet ginger tea, it’s my favorite dessert combination, ever. (suddenly felt overwhelmed when we were eating it)


The quality (and cheapness) of this place surprised us! I wished I could live near it like we used to, so I can try everything on the menu. Seems like their popular item is the Sweet Sesame Paste. This unrefined hole in the wall is WAY better than those famous overpriced fancy dessert chain we went later.

Eating often at those local wonton noodle/snack joint, we felt assaulted by MSG (seriously). Now I understand why Hong Kong people needed these soothy Sweet Soup shops to clean your taste bud.

Tsui Yuen Dessert
13 North Point Road, North Point, Hong Kong

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5 Responses to “Tsui Yuen Dessert (Hong Kong: North Point)”

  1. seat says:

    That tofu skin dessert…!!!! I haven’t had that for years~~my mom used to make it at home so I never had it in shops….adding a raw egg at the end is my home style!

    Pearly Barley is 意米? There is also Ginkgo(白果), right?

  2. Waka says:

    I am dying to eat this, can’t get this out of my mind from last Friday. damn…

  3. Freda says:

    Yes it has Ginkgo too…ah my mom used to make it too!

    Waka, won’t it be great if we have a place like this near work?

  4. tomoko says:

    ohhh did you guys visit your old Dr. cuz you guys were feeling sick??
    hometown advantage!!
    had the Dr. changed at all?? did he/she remember you guys?? ^0^

  5. Freda says:

    yes tomoko, we went to see the doctor for treatment, and visiting her as well. She was similar to what I remembered her, just older. She totally remembered us too. I was so shocked that she even pull out the old file books she used to have our profile in…I saw my handwriting as a child. She continue to write on that same page when she treat us this time, after more than 20 years! It’s quite an amazing experience!