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Vegelink (Hong Kong: North Point)

By in 09: Hong Kong

Our childhood’s doctor Dr. Fung treated us to Vegelink, a member’s only private kitchen operated by a Taiwanese Vegetarian company. She told us they do refined and creative vegetarian prix fixe course dinner. We were intrigue by how versatile vegetarian cooking can be.


The beautiful furnish and size of the place feels likes an actual restaurant. There’s also store next door that sells their product.


Appertizer. Dried Soy Squid (yummy). 1st: Four Happiness Combination Plate: Plum Tomatoes, Dried Tofu and Cashew, Wasabi Cucumber, Seaweed. Tasty, highlight of the night.


2nd: Vegetable Dumpling. Pretty and healthy tasting.


3rd: Soup (forgot what it is) 4th: Hundred Flower Blossom (stir fried vegetables and mushroom).


5th: Braised Kyoto Eggplant. Taste a little light.


6th: Thousand Layer White Jade. Three layers of Tofu with soy meat in between like a terrain, and the sauce is pumpkin, carrot and yellow pepper. It’s interesting looking and the sauce is tasty, but the tofu and the sauce don’t feel integrated. 7th: Wild Mushroom with Vinaigrette. Healthy tasting.


8th: Golden Nest. A crispy, fried granola-ish dish. Not sure what it is.


9th: Sicily Fried Rice. Not sure why it’s called Sicily. It taste a little light (wish there’s real pancetta or sausage in it, that’d be great…hm I’m missing the point).


10th: Banana Pie. By this point we were too full, so we packed this to go (and left it in the hotel room, forgotten T_T) . 11th: Taro Soup with Sago, a bit predictable.

The flavors in general are a little light for my taste. I’m glad that most of the dishes features actual vegetable, instead of the soy meat (fake shrimp, fake beef, etc.). They also don’t have that kind of unpleasant processed soy flavor that’s usually found in Chinese vegetarian cooking.

We were late for the dinner, so they rush out our courses in rapid speed. It was kind of overwhelming and stressful. Though the price is very reasonable (about $20 per person) for the amount of food you get.

Shop 108, 1/F, Foo Yet Kall Building, 56 Java Road (North Point)

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5 Responses to “Vegelink (Hong Kong: North Point)”

  1. weezermonkey says:

    I can’t believe this is all vegetarian! So beautiful!

    Your new banner is adorable. 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    oh nooo you forgot your banana pie ToT
    all the dishes look so yummy! would love to try something like this ^q^

    cute banner!!

  3. tomoko says:

    oops sorry the above comment is from me…^^;;

  4. Freda says:

    Thanks 😀 I wanted a lighter and more simple banner.

    I’m surprised by how gourmet they look. They do taste very light though, because they followed the Buddhist way of Vegetarianism: in which you can’t eat the likes of garlic, onion, etc. (they’re considered too ‘worldly’). Toward the end I craved a bacon or sausage.

  5. seat says:

    Oh I didn’t notice your banner until I read the comments. Cute! XD

    I thought the same whenever I went to a Chinese vegetarian restaurant – why can’t they just cook real vegetables and stop using those fake meat which taste so processed and disgusting? There are so many different kinds of vegetables with different texture and taste, so there is really no need to rely on fake soy meat. A lot of Japanese restaurants I went were almost vegetarian except maybe a piece of fish here and there, and I never felt deprived of meat because the vegetables were cooked so nicely.