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The Table (Hong Kong: Causeway Bay)

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Last morning in Hong Kong. We won’t waste any last minute shopping, but alas, most shops don’t opened till noon or 1:00pm. We needed a place to hang out for awhile, any Hong Kong style joint are out of question (most restaurants don’t open until 11-noon) . We can’t possibly go to Starbucks!? (which is crowded btw, because HK is in serious lack of these sit down, slow-pace coffee house).

Then we came upon a newly open restaurant that actually open early and serves western style breakfast: The Table.

IMThe tableThe table

The menu is typical continental flair, seems like the kind of place I’ll eat often if I live nearby.

The tableThe table

Plain simple breakfast.

The table

The bear doesn’t look as cute as in the photo. 


Nice place that reminds me of the places at yuppie west side. It is located inside G.O.D., a quirky Hong Kong lifestyle brand rooted in retro HK aesthetics. There’s a very cool bookstore on 1st floor as well.

The Table (2F)
Leighton Centre, Sharp Street, East Entrance, Causeway Bay, HK

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  1. weezermonkey says:

    That bear looks pretty cute to me.