December 5, 2009 1

Coolhaus Ice Cream Truck

By in 21: Food truck

Another food truck post! This time it’s ice cream sandwiches from Coolhaus. They came for a company party with their gourmet cookies and homemade ice cream.

I got the Balsamic Fig Ice cream with Chocolate Cookie in Edible wrapper. The flavor taste more normal than it sound. Sadly my cookie broke apart and made it hard to eat. The combination of the chewy edible paper (customized with the company’s logo), crunchy cookie and icy soft ice cream makes me happy.

The flavors they offered that day were unusual,  with “Bacon and Brown Butter” being the most unusual one. I asked for a tasting scope, have to say the it felt like eating frozen fat (should have use ‘dryer’ type of bacon?)

It’s not really ice cream eating season right now (I’m in the snowstorm in Philly right now ), but I’m glad to see there’re more and more varieties of food truck in LA, the possibility is limitless! 😀

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One Response to “Coolhaus Ice Cream Truck”

  1. waka says:

    ah, this is the one I missed!!