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Bimi (West LA)

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I went to Bimi often for dinner but never tried their lunch. I’ve been working on the west side, and Bimi has quickly became our frequent lunch spot. They have good lunch menu that’re reasonably priced.


The salad is always overdressed.


Assorted Bento Box $10.50. Served with Salad, Miso soup, Grilled Fish, Croquet, Sashimi, Pickled Vegetable. Everything is well cooked, the quality is fine and the flavors are not generic. I especially like the lotus roots. Love it!


Chirashi 11.00. So good! The sashimi are very good quality, and sometimes I get more unusual fish like Madai.  The rice are well seasoned with vinegar, and topped with  a layer of sweet soft pickles that I don’t know the name of (they helped balancing the palette). This is my favorite Chirashi on the west side.


They also have Ramen and Sushi set (what a strange sight!) and Tempura and Short Rib set. They also have soba and udon.

Like I said in the old entry, Bimi might look like a for-American place, but it is actually authentic, fine tasting and not run of the mill. I prefer Bimi over Yabu (their quality had been sloppy for awhile), yet the later is always so much more crowded.

11917 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90049

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3 Responses to “Bimi (West LA)”

  1. weezermonkey says:

    Very pretty and not too expensive! Yay!

  2. paul y says:

    $11 Chirashi! 😀 that is very reasonable!

  3. Marie says:

    Really reasonable bento price, in particular! Need to try it. I was over in the west LA area a lot recently, but unfortunately wasn’t able to sample any of the Japanese fare over there.