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Pho 99 (West LA)

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Finally find a better alternative to Le Saigon for Vietnamese food on the west side. The family chain Pho 99 is a family chain that has other locations at Torrance, City of Industry and OC. My co-worker said their egg rolls tasted like how her Vietnamese grandmother made them.


Grilled Beef and Egg Roll Bun. The Egg Rolls are very good, fresh, flavorful but not junky tasting as a lot of places made them. I also tried the Grilled Pork and like it more than the beef (the pork are more moist and tender).


Pho yummy broth and  comes in two sizes. The large size is good for people who can’t get enough of the noodles. They have different kinds of topping to choose that’re normally not found in other places, such as tendons. Beef Stew. It is not as flavorful as it looked, and i felt like the beef are thrown in as an afterthought, instead of being cooked in for a long time.


Spring roll. Good!  How come most Asian restaurants from Asian enclaved suburbs have those same blue lamps?

This is a great place for work day lunch that we went back often. This place can get crazily packed, especially on a cold rainy day. Note: You pay at the cashier after the meal.

Pho 99 Grilled and Noodle
11819 Wilshire Boulevard. Suite 106B
West Los Angeles, CA 90025

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