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Dosa Truck

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Dosa truck
It’s great that more and more food trucks are stopping by the Hollywood area during lunch so I have a lot more lunch options these days. One of them is the Dosa Truck . Dosa Truck sells, of course, Dosa, a crepe-like Southern Indian street food that’s made of rice and lentil flour. The menu is all vegetarian and they cost $6 each.

Dosa truck
I got the Slumdog – Indian “pesto” rubbed inside the dosa with paneer, fresh spinach and masala dosa potatoes
I like the crepe texture, very thin and crispy. It’s quite delicious, I like the “Indian pesto” sauce and the masala potatoes which smells great.

Dosa truck
My co-worker got the Shiva-Shakti – 1/2 sweet potato and 1/2 Masala Dosa (smashed curried Indian potatos)

Dosa truck
Samosas. $8.

Dosa truck
You can get a combo which comes with  masala fries. Good! They also had Ginger Limenade ($2) that day which I like.

In general we all found the dosas pretty tasty but a bit too light and small in portion, especially with the price which is  slightly higher than other trucks (i.e. Nomnom‘s combo: 12″ Sandwich +  1 tacos + drinks cost only $7) . I got hungry in 3 hours too.

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5 Responses to “Dosa Truck”

  1. weezermonkey says:

    Oh, man, I’m drooling.

  2. Looks great! I wish the food trucks would come to the south bay area more often!

  3. Thanks for the review
    baby correction
    the samosas are 2 not 8 dollars
    everything on the Dosatruck is made from scratch on the truck
    Dosas are a lighter food
    not a burrito
    custom cooked labor intensive made with love food
    the price point is more than reasonable for what you get

  4. indianfoodie says:

    yes dosas are a lighter food. But not worth $7 for a watery mixture of black gram(cheapest gram in the market) and coarse rice(not basmati). The amount of batter which goes into making a dosa is about a small cup.
    Just not worth $7 for a dosa,some mashed potatoes ,2 tbsps of sambar(so less) and 1 tbsp of some chutney.

    Please let me know how it is labour intensive as you could grind the gram and rice with a food processor,not doing it by hand as in the older days.

  5. Sarah says:

    I make dosas all the time here in the UK and it really is quite labour intensive. Have you tried it?! It’s not easy either, to begin with.