June 2, 2005 2

Jones (West Hollywood)

By in 09: Weho

DSC03729.jpgDSC03732.jpgDSC03734.jpgDSC03737.jpg(Still clearing old entries). My friend loves this place a lot but I find it just ok based on this visit. Very dark inside, I wasn’t so hungry so I got an appetizer Prosciutto with Fig which is a can’t-go-wrong combination. The Spinach salad is my friend’s. We share the desert Lemon sorbet (good but normal) and creme burlee (toooo sweet, no good). The stuffs on menu seems rather generic to me? Well I guess you don’t really go there for the food.

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2 Responses to “Jones (West Hollywood)”

  1. seat says:

    The previous comment box is closed~ The ping-pong game looks fun! Ah, I want to work in your company, just for the fun~~~~

  2. Joan says:

    yeah it can be quite fun sometimes! Especially since we got the ping pong table earlier this year. Someone in the office anoymously bought the table for the company. It’s the best thing that can happen here because everyone enjoys it so much. And as u know, when ppl are happy they work better and harder too haha. We also had softball game, I’ll put up the entry soon.