June 7, 2005 2

Oriental Pearl (Niagara Fall)

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Oops I lied, this entry should conclude the trip. On the final day, yield to my parents craving for Chinese food we settled for this expensive looking Chinese restaurant at the Casino hotel. It’s surprisingly good. It’s very authentic HK, quality rival the good ones in HK. This steamed crab is HEAVENLY delicious~ XO The sauce has so many subtle flavor, so fresh tasting~
DSC04129.jpgDSC04133.jpgDSC04137.jpgDSC04124.jpgThe sauce from the steamed crab is so good that we ate the noodle with that sauce too. The peking duck was alright. The window seats look over the fall too. The business was very quiet that night though, poor~

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2 Responses to “Oriental Pearl (Niagara Fall)”

  1. seat says:

    Haha~~can’t escape the fate of travelling with parents~~~ ^^;;
    But the crab looks really good~~
    You mean this restaurant is at the same place as the gross touristy restaurants you went?? If it is good how come it is so empty?! Is it expensive?

  2. Freda says:

    The hotels area are up on a hill (and the only way to go down without driving is paying $3 for tram ride) so there’re more stuffs than the touristy area right next to the fall (the area I bitched about). The Chinese restauarnt is expensive, the bill was $155 at the end. All the more upscale expensive looking restaurant there are empty, because most tourists rather go to the cheap cheap buffet at the casino (long lines waiting there) ^^;;;