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La Cabaña (Venice)

By in 15: Venice


My collegue recommended this awesome Mexican place nearby where I worked. From outside the windowless shack-like house doesn’t seem much, but inside it’s dark but colorful, and it has a vibrant and painterly patio. Each table in the patio are painted with different pictures. There’re cute Piñata of beer bottles shape hanging from the roof (not in pic ;_;).


The salsa for the chips are very very hot XO~ I had the Margarita (I know…during work lunch, but for me I MUST have Margarita with Mexican food, in fact that’s the point why I agree to come ^^;;)

DSC04284.jpg DSC04285.jpgDSC04288.jpg

Despite I usually don’t crave Mexican food too much, the food here is really really good. The steak and meat are all very tender and juicy. I had the tamale (the right), the portion are way too big for me. A bit try and pasty. Though my mouth water at other plates, I wish I had the middle one. Their sides (beans, guacamole) are good too.

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6 Responses to “La Cabaña (Venice)”

  1. tomoko says:

    oh I crave tamale!
    have you guys tried “chaya” japanese restaurant
    in venice?
    supposedly it’s packed with celebs and very happening…..was wondering how true it is (saw it on tv last night!:)

  2. seat says:

    The comment box for open house is closed? So soon! You made the entry’s draft long ago??

    Anyway, looks like a really nice house! Why people would not want it because it is too modern?? It is not like, weird shaped rooms which are hard to use, right? Or having too many huge windows makes it unsafe??

    So you are seriously doing house-hunting!! Are are you going to look for a place near your parents’ house?

  3. seat says:

    I think I saw that on tv too! But looks like it is not opened yet? The owner has a designer friend who made the uniform for the restaurant, and they look a but MUJI-ish, right?? ^^;;;;

    Your friends don’t have the habit of sharing the food, right?? Of course you can’t share French/Italian but, big portion, messy big-guy food like this, is better to share maybe.

    I probably haven’t had any real Mexican food but I really love the beans and the yellow rice that usually come with the main. Love Fajita too!

  4. Freda says:

    Oh, is it “Chaya Venice’, if so yeah I know about this celeb hang out restaurant. It is right next to our mayor Arnold’s Austrian restaurant (which i went before). I never went there coz…for the exact reason, it seems like those overpriced, celeb/pretentious fake LA crowd hang-out Japanese restaurant, which are plenty in Hollywood…I don’t like that vibe and usually those food can’t be good. Can’t believe they mention that on tv haha~~ (maybe it’s another new place that’s called Chaya in Venice too).

    I love the rice too~ I like the rice from South America cooking~~ The beans are only good when it’s made good, I had too many cheap Mexican food (arrr those nightmare from my junior high school lunch) that I had phobia toward really bad ones. You’d think it’s just beans, but actually it can be made so bad or so good, what a wonder… ^^;;;

  5. Joan says:

    Oh yeah the open house draft was few weeks ago…^^;

    I guess many home owners are families and if they want to pay that price they want a more comfortable home that has nice yard and pool, which I think make sense. A house like this is more sutiable for single (male especially), the type who loves to throw lots of parties (the house got lots of impractical open space that you can’t really use them for anything, but they’ll be great area for party goers), and think they’re “cool” for owning such a design house because they got “artistic” taste….ya know…^^;;;;

    I love the windows and dark wood floor and it got nice view. But personally I would prefer a house that’s cuter and less cold.

  6. seat says:

    Oh you are right, that house is very “guy” in a way.