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Grill ’em all Truck

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Grill 'em allI might have found my new favorite food truck: Grill ’em all, it’s heavy metal theme (“Grill ’em all” as in  Metallica’s “Kill ’em all”) and serves gourmet burgers. Excuse the blurry picture, it was a chaotic night when I came across it right outside Silent movie theatre where we went to a sold out screening of the 80s cult film Liquid sky. With all the heavy metal graphics all over the truck it’s pretty easy to spot on the street.

Grill 'em all
All the burgers sound interesting on the menu. I got the Blue cheer burger. It has cranberry gastrique, maytag blue spread, munchos potato chips. It was incredibly delicious! The meat patty was juicy and well seasoned. It’s multiple flavors in each bite, the sweet and sour cranberry gastrique works well the creamy blue cheese, and the chips gave a nice crispy texture to the bite. Two thumbs up!

Jon had the Waste ’em all burger (not in picture) which has marinated green chilies, pepper jack, beer soaked onions. Also tasty, though he likes mine more.

Grill 'em allGrill 'em all
My co-workers came across the truck outside of the office on another day. Not sure the name of this burger, it has “grandma’s” BBQ sauce, pineapple, bacon and cheddar. My coworker liked it a lot.

He also got the Double dipped frites – sweet potato fries with truffle oil (!) The fries were great, crispy and thin.

The burgers have interesting ingredients and combinations that works and are delicious. I personally think they’re way better than the very overrated Umami Burger which had the problem of soggy buns, generic flavors despite the interesting ingredients listed on the menu…etc.

Check their website for schedule and location. The burgers are worth to be tracked down!

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5 Responses to “Grill ’em all Truck”

  1. Sandy says:

    Mmmm these burgers look tasty, especially paired with those fries! Just found your blog and I can’t stop drooling at the photos! =)

  2. Mark K says:

    Yum we had these couple weeks ago
    i had the waste em aall burger and got…wasted…

  3. Marie says:

    Cranberry gastrique? Ooh la la! Your food truck posts are compelling me to actually try one soon!

  4. That Taiwanese burger looks very interesting! I’ll have to chase this truck down sometime!

  5. tomoko says:

    wow, difficult to imagine combinatin of blue cheese and cramberry, but looks really yummy ^p^