July 12, 2005 2

Rose Cafe (Venice)

By in 15: Venice

DSC04579.jpgDSC04577.jpgI’d love to live or work nearby Rose Cafe in Venice! Another motion graphics place, Motion Theory, locates right next to them. Though they have limited items, you queue at deli area to order your food. I love their Lasagna! The salad it came with is very good!

DSC04571.jpgDSC04569.jpgDSC04570.jpg I ate here long time ago and had their Creme Brulee, and remember it so-so. The walls were painted with these huge beautiful floor-to-ceiling roses, also many paintings for sale (always changing). There’re quite a few of these cafe+shops in Venice. This cafe is another example of what’s quaintessential Venice: bohemian, yoga, hippie/yuppie, arts, organic food, granola, gypsy style, Indian style, beach, tanned, toned and muscle bodies…^^;;

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2 Responses to “Rose Cafe (Venice)”

  1. seat says:

    Oh that is lasagna? Very unconventional and doesn’t look like deli cafe food(which always looks messy) at all!

  2. Freda says:

    It is still messy looking…the one on display at the glass counter is very neat and nice looking (model sample of course ^^;;), I was like, “huh? cheated!!!” XO