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Larchmont Larder (Larchmont)

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I first heard of the deli/catering/cafe/marketplace Larchmont Larder when we had their catering at work. We had sandwiches and salad and they were wonderful. I couldn’t believe such delicacies were on Larchmont yet under our radar since it’s not exactly on the main stripe of Larchmont Village.


On Larchmont blvd close to Melrose Ave, Larchmont Larder locates at a cute bungalow in between residential houses. There’re several dining tables at the cozy front porch. Inside, most of the interior space are taken up by the deli counter and the large open kitchen.


There’s a lovely sit-in area if you prefer indoor. I LOVE all the details in their mushroom-themed decor.


Artichoke and Bacon Quiche. $5  SO GOOD. It’s so light and fluffy, and the crust was so fresh and yummy!


A half sandwich + salad combo with the choice of  Scandinavian Sandwich $10. House Cured Gravlax, Cucumbers, Pickled Red Onion and Dill, Honey Mustard on Pumpernickel. This was incredibly DELICIOUS. The cured salmon was very flavorful (yet not salty) and got a sweet aftertaste. The taste was unusual and fresh. I’m impressed by the house made pickles too.


Hazelnut and Chocolate cake. Rich but not too sweet, I can’t wait to try their other sweets.

The deli counter has a wide selection of salad for those who like vegetables, and they all look really good. From the catering at work I tried their Pulled Short Rib Sandwich which was absolutely amazing. The Organic Wheat Berry Salad with Dried Fruit, Almonds, Scallions and Champagne Vinaigrette was a hit among the coworkers too.

The food is simple but fresh, delicious, house made and fine quality. It’s a great little spot for lunch and getting gourmet to-go. I just wish it’s open more often (It close early in the evening and don’t open on Sunday). Apparently they have cooking classes in the evening too.

Larchmont Larder
626 N Larchmont Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90004

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4 Responses to “Larchmont Larder (Larchmont)”

  1. Jocy says:

    OH MY! That sounds delicious, and now that I’m in Los Angeles, not too far at all.

  2. Marie says:

    Holy gravlax! Looks splendid.

  3. vero says:

    yum! The interior is transferable to house interior. hmmm… yeah I love it when they really do simple things with the best ingredients (and intention). that’s what good food is 🙂

    Will you guys be interested in their cooking class?

  4. Some friends & I went there on St Paddy’s Day & had a few treats & salads. I too love the mushroom theme, especially the chandelier!