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Greenland Teahouse (Philadelphia)

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Another surprising aspect of Philly’s Chinatown was the amount of bakeries there, almost every block would have 3-4. They’re usually the hybrid of a Hong Kong style bakery (with tradition stuff like Pineapple bun, cocktail bun) with Taiwanese tea drinks and taro buns. I sampled a few and found this place to be my favorite: Green Land Teahouse.


They have two breakfast menus: Hong Kong or Taiwanese. The Zongzi (Bamboo leaf wrapped Glutinous Rice) is offered two style (the green bean stuffed Hong Kong style that you eat with sugar vs the soysauce + mushroom stuffed Taiwanese kind). They also have congee, housemade soymilk, etc.

As for their baked goods, my favorites are:


Seriously good Pineapple Bun!


Very good Egg Tart!

I also dig their Sausage Bun. My friend loves their taro bun too. Everything here is good!

Greenland Teahouse
210 N 9th St. Philadelphia, PA 19107

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