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Little Fish (Philadelphia)

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Another gem I found in South Philly is this tiny BYOB called Little Fish. As the name suggest, they specialized in seafood. I read about their $35 Prix Fixe menu on Sunday, but I couldn’t get a reservation even a month ahead…pity. I managed to get a weeknight table instead. Their menu changes daily, as it’s based on what fresh ingredients they got. I learn more names of fishes from reading their menu.

Little FishLittle Fish

There are less than 10 tables inside hence the vibe is intimate and homely inside. Shibumi Oyster with Lemon Tamari. 2.50 Yum! Wished I could have a platter of these.

Little Fish

Fluke Sashimi with Cara Cara Orange, Tiny Cilantro and Heart of Palm. 12 The presentation is quite a stunner: the sashimi are put on top a giant bed of pink himalayan salt block. The Fluke meat was rather muscle-y and thick, quite unlike the delicate Japanese sashimi staples.

Little Fish

Black Bass with Leeks, Bacon, Littleneck Clams and Potato Hash. 29 My friend’s dish. The sauce is very tasty thanks to the bacon, it’d make a lovely soup by itself. The fish is perfectly cook, very good.

Little Fish

Skate Wing with Wild Boar Ragout, broccoli and Fried Egg. 26  I gotta say, I’m not quite used to the odd texture of skate (a springy, fibrous texture). The lightly fried surface was very sandy as well. The wild boar ragout is meaty and musky, very heavy in flavor…almost competing with the skate. What an aggressive dish that’s both assaulting in flavor and textures. I was rather exhausted half way through.

Little FishLittle Fish

It is a very satisfying and fun meal. The flavors are unpredictable and complex, and rather educational in trying different types of fish. I wanted to try the Sunday Prix Fixe even more after this meal.

This is what I like about Philly’s dining scene: they have LOTS of mid-range priced places such as Little Fish that are 1) BYOB and offers 2) inexpensive Prix fixe menu, and 3) you can feel the personality/visionary from the owners and chef.

Note: Sadly Little Fish is closed since April because of a safety issues regarding the building structure. I hope they’ll either move or re-opened as soon as the problem got fixed.

Little Fish
600 Catharine Street. Philadelphia, PA 19147-2910

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2 Responses to “Little Fish (Philadelphia)”

  1. tomoko says:

    WOW the pink salt block is amazing!!
    I thought that was the sashimi for a sec, from the pic^^;
    does it make the sashimi tastier?

  2. Freda says:

    Yeah tomoko, I had the illusion the entire time thinking my sashimi was that BIG ^^;; The colors are the same. I keep on rubbing it on top, though it didn’t seem to get saltier? (or maybe it did?)