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Cheebo (Sunset)

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DSC00658.jpgCheebo on Sunset is one of the regular places we go during work. It’s casual Italian cooking (pizza, sandwich, salad) with organic ingredients. They said their animal are hormone-free and free-range and the vegetables are certified organic. Many items on menu are cater for vegans and vegetarians. So naturally(?) it attracts hipsters people. We don’t care much though, because the main attractions of this place are 1) very unique tasting and fair priced 2) it’s located right across the comic store Meltdown which we like to go for a “break” ;D

Very orangy inside. The stain glasses are very pretty but doesn’t show well on photo. Lots of paintings on the wall~ Each tables are covered with paper and comes with crayon pencils. One time Bill drew some graffiti art on it, the waiter like it so much that he tore it and pin it at their bulletin board. 😀

Dunno why I feel organic/health concern everytime I stepped in so I’d always get salad religiously (their Pizza and sandwich are very good too). These two salad we got looked so similar o_0 but they taste different. They’re both very good. I like how the veggie are chopped into small pieces and there are so many different tasting stuffs in there, so you get a variety of tastes each bite:

Mesquite Grilled Vegorama Chop: mixed greens, zucchini, squash, mushroom, carrot, leek, asparagus, fennel and garbanzo bean in a red wine vinaigrette (half $7.75).

Cheebo Chop: baby greens, sopressata, roast chicken, salami, mozz, provolone, garbanzo beans, tomatoes, kalamata olives and fresh herbs in a red wine vinaigrette (half $7.75)

Tiramisu: so jumbo huge that it filled up our stomach way more than the salad. Very good though!

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8 Responses to “Cheebo (Sunset)”

  1. seat says:

    Hey the salad actually look very good even to a big meat-eater like me!! There is so much stuff inside and so colourful~~~~and cheap too!! A salad that size probably cost more than double here~~~~ I feel sorry for vegetarian in Japan because vegetable is so expensive. Haha, the tiramisu is bigger than the salad~~~imagine the size of the main dishes~~~~~

    The interior looks so cute but outside it looks like a fastfood restaurant. Even the name…. ^^;;;;

  2. tina says:

    ahhhhh, so many good food. . . .i wish there are places like that around my work place. there is only a greek resturant and whole food here. . . plus i don’t have any co-worker that’s food crazy like me. . . i am craving for sweets right now. . . i want cake. . . cake. . .cake. . .coffee. . . cake . . . .

  3. Joan says:

    Hey Tina! good to see you here~~

    I forgot, where is your company located at? Can you drive a little further for more restaurants? (like I just drove way out to Little Tokyo for lunch hehehe….:P)

    Seat I know what you mean by the exterior. I was skeptical first before I went in the first time too. (I thought it was some cheap cheap burger or mexican food place).

  4. Freda says:

    hey hey Tina~~ there’s not much restaurant nearby IF too, all of the “nearby” ones we went have to take at least 5-10 mins (usually longer because of the crazy traffic)…and will take us like almost 2 hour lunch break.

    Oh Seat, that was exactly my first impression of this place from outside, “err…looks like a big fat fastfood restaurant, must we come here?” ^^;;…Cheebo..Cheeseburger…Chessy…

  5. seat says:

    Ahahaha, “cheebo” does remind you of cheese jumbo burger and such. ^^;;; What made you consider going in then?? Did you hear it was good from someone??

    Oh Tina, you are food crazy too? Good good! What kind of food do you like?

  6. tina says:

    hello again!!!!! ah, so nice to have food crazy people to talk to at work!!! well, my company is in woodland hills, it’s 2 /3 exit before nokia. . . not familiar with the area and i don’t think i can afford to take a 2 hours lunch break yet @_@

    seat, i like a lot of differnet kind of food. my dad trained us well in the chinese food area, and i l also love japanese food, french food, italian is not bad too. oh, and i love to drink , i drink with my japanese roomate almost everynite. beer, wine, sake, shoju . . . etc. in fact, i am going drinking tonite with my friends. we are going to a place that has more than 100 different kind of beer. . .

  7. Freda says:

    Oh Tina Sebastian is way over at Nokia’s area? Sounds like there’s nothing out there~

    Joan and couple co-workers went to Cheebo before and they said it’s good. I was skeptical until I saw the stain glasses and paintings inside… ^^;;

  8. seat says:

    Oh Tina you like drinking too???? We can go and get really pissed when you come here next year~~~~