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Bibou (Philadelphia)

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My last visit to Bibou, a small French BYOB tucked in the Little Saigon area of Philly, was unforgettable. I brought Joan back to try the Sunday Prix-Fixe Night again (I rsvp 1 week ahead). Just as last time, it was $45 for 4 courses (cash only).


Pity this time the butter that came with the bread wasn’t Echire‘s. Since it was insanely hot at Philly, the soup was the Chilled Tomato Gaspacho. It was fresh, flavorful and totally enhance your appetite, very lovely.


Last time I didn’t tried the chef’s most proud dish: Escargots: Snail Ragout, Fava beans and Mousseron Mushrooms, flavored with Tarragon. Wow, this is so delicious. The flavor is rich, the escargot’s texture  compliment the flavored-soaked mushrooms really well. Every bite is a unforgettable. I’ll get this again and again when I came back here.  The spiral plate was pure genius too.


Joan got the Pan-eared Foie Gras with poached Plum and Red Wine Duck Jus. What can I say, it’s perfect.


For the main course, Joan got the Omble Chevalier: Arctic Char poached in olive oil, green papaya, sea beans and radicchio fricassee, citrus Vinaigrette. The fish was perfect cooked and oil up, the sauce is flavorful but light…what a delight.


I wanted to get the Bone Marrow but it was sold out. Instead the owner recommended me to try something they have but not on the menu: the French classic Pig’s feet with Lentil. The pig’s feet was cooked tenderly and then fried with very crispy skin. Hence the inside was melt-in-your-mouth, while the skin has a nicely burnt chewiness. Being not a lentil fan, I was shocked by how tasty the sauce is. I savored every bite because it was too yummy. I’m on the look out for this dish at French restaurant from now on.


As was my experience last time, their dessert wasn’t quite as on par with their appetizer and main course. The Chocolate Mousse was fine and dark, but not too special tasting.

We finished early this time, and the weather was still good thus we can walk off the food (no stranded at the restaurant till midnight!). This place remains as my favorite in Philly.

This post wrapped up my long and delayed entries on Philadelphia. Next up is a 3 entries post on New York, then we’ll be back to LA.

1009 South 8th street, Philadelphia PA 19147

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2 Responses to “Bibou (Philadelphia)”

  1. Mark K says:

    uhhh wow so far though…
    makes me consider big smack:D

  2. charlotte says:

    Thank you for this lovely review!! Echire should be back soon … some problems with importations from France. Hope to see you again soon,
    Charlotte @ Bibou