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Le Petit Creperie (Mar Vista)

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I’ve been very busy at work and was very behind in our updates. Being a lover of French crepes, it’s always a pity that there weren’t more authentic creperie in LA. As I was strolling around the Mar Vista neighborhood, to my surprise a new (6 months) creperie has opened up.

"Le Petit Creperie""Le Petit Creperie"
The small space has a casual, but rathe generic retro French vibe  (with Amelie’s soundtrack). The french press coffee and lemonade are both very good! I love the herb pots adorned at each table too.

Their savory crepes are divided into two categories: traditional (egg, ham, mushroom, cheese) or specials (with varieties of ingredients such as sausage, eggplant, olive tapenade, etc).

"Le Petit Creperie"

From Les Specialites: Jambon Fume et Asperges (Proscuitto, Asparagus, Arugula, Toasted Pine nuts, Parmesan Cheese). Very yummy! Their savory crepes are made with buckwheat, they have a lovely nutty bite.

"Le Petit Creperie"

From the Les Traditionnelles: Champignons & Fromage (Portobello, Oyster Mushroom, Gruyere, Garlic & Shallots). So simple, subtle but oh so good. Mushroom lovers rejoice!

"Le Petit Creperie"

Of course we have rooms for sweet crepes. Nutella and Banana. Nutella can do no wrong. The sweet crepes are soft and perfectly made!

It took awhile for our crepes arrive (a busy Sunday brunch hour), but the wait was worthwhile. I’m glad LA has an authentic French crepes place. I wish the decor has a bit more character (more vintage baskets, unique antiques, etc).

Le Petit Creperie
3809 Grand View Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90066

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  1. joanh says:

    oooh that looks so good and on the westside! yummmm