October 3, 2005 2

The Lilly (Monrovia)

By in 02: Pasadena

Super peppery breadstick.
Baked Clams (tiny)
Oxtail Stew and Coconut Pudding.
We came here long ago when it was called Cafe de Lilly, when it was an okay $$$ French Bistro. The lamp + pavement interior impressed me most. One day it closed. It resurrects (same Chinese owner) as a cheaper and more generic wine bistro. The Oxtail stew was…very buttery but homely tasting. At least…now they’re cheaper.

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2 Responses to “The Lilly (Monrovia)”

  1. tomoko says:

    kinda funny how
    DE lilly=expensive
    THE lilly=cheaper.
    magic of branding….

  2. Joan says:

    haha totally!
    They have foie gras too, but it cost $27!!! WWayyy too expensive, it’s only $18-22 at the other French places!