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Noodle Boy (San Gabriel)

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I was very saddened when my favorite wonton noodle joint Wonton Times closed years ago. Years later, the people who owned it has opened a new jointed called Noodle Boy. It was very crowded on the opening day, and they were very slow in serving the customers. The experiences I heard were mixed: most people got very frustrated with the waiting time. So I’ve been avoiding this place for awhile, until my craving for quality, simple, authentic wonton noodles have given in.

Noodle Boy

Wow it’s still great! The wontons are huge but fresh, tasty and got great texture. The broth was very delicious, it has a very nice sweetness (cooked from shrimp?). The timing is perfect. Their fishballs are greats too. Their housemade chili sauce at the condiment tray was very good as well (you can buy it at the check out counter).

Noodle Boy

However the waiting time is still the same. Despite I went in a late, empty weekday afternoon, I had to wait for my order for a very long time. It seems that they waited for another customer’s order to make mine together (or they really simply forgot mine).

I think this place is for those appreciate and want the authentic Hong Kong flavors, otherwise the waiting might not be worth it for a simple bowl of noodle. But as they say, to make the simplest thing great is the hardest. Noodle Boy gets it.

Noodle Boy
8518 E. Valley Blvd. Suite#B108, Rosemead, CA 91776

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One Response to “Noodle Boy (San Gabriel)”

  1. SinoSoul says:

    Another “wonton” noodle place took over Wonton Time shortly after. The food is no different (and priced just as unreasonably).

    Glad they were able to re-open, but this “Noodle Guy” vs. “Noodle Boy” thing is rather confusing.