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The House Cafe (Istanbul: Tunel + Ortakoy)

By in 12: Istanbul

IMG_3219We stayed at the Beyoglu side of Istanbul at the last couple days of our trip. The vibe is very different from old town: less touristy, more youthful, more “European” feel and is closer to all the good restaurants and night life. We stayed at this vacation apartment called The House apart at the Tunel area. It belongs to a company that also own hotels and cafes all over Istanbul. The stay at the apartment is alright, there’re service problems (i.e. internet password not working, unreachable customer service..etc etc) but the location was great. There’s also complimentary breakfast at the The House cafe which was probably the best thing about staying at this apartment!

The House Cafe TunelThe House Cafe Tunel
Located few blocks away from the apartment is the The House Cafe Tunel at Asmalimescit . There’s another branch few more blocks down on Istiklal street, but we like the Tunel one better. The interior is fashionably design. For some reason all the “trendy” places in Istanbul play the exact same type of music, i.e.  Electronic lounge/downtempo stuffs.

They offer a wide range of non-Turkish/Western style breakfast on the menu. After 11 days of the same Turkish breakfast, we’re ready to have some varieties!
House Cafe breafkast
Poached eggs with smoked salmon and avocado
House Cafe breafkastHouse Cafe breafkast
Granola and Banana pancake
House cafe breakfast
Eggs Benedict
Dukkah Cilbir (strained yoghurt topped with 2 poached eggs, dukkah spices, cayenne pepper infused brown butter and chopped parsley) and Smoked salmon scrambled Eggs

That’s about three days worth of breakfast (we missed the 4th day due to early flight). All the breakfast were delicious. My favorites were the poach eggs on smoked salmon and the Eggs benedict. The drinks are very good too. Tea, coffee, lemonade…etc etc, all good and fresh tasting. This place definitely is style meets substance.

They have lunch and dinner menu as well. It’s probably a pretty good place to eat for mid-price non-Turkish food.  It’s also a popular spot to hang out at night too. They have an extensive cocktail and wine menu, we get 15% discount from staying at their apartment too.

The House cafe OrtakoyThe House cafe Ortakoy
The House cafe Ortakoy
We also went to their branch at Ortakoy for an afternoon break. I love the interior space of this one a lot! The terrace is beautiful and have nice sea view. The House group is certainly is very successful in creating a brand, I wouldn’t be surprise if  they branch out to start selling lifestyle products (aka “The House Shop”?) in the future.

The House Cafe
AsmalıMescit No: 9/1-2, Beyoglu

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