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Mitchell’s Icecream (San Francisco: Noe Valley)

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I rent a place in Noe Valley, a neighborhood known for strollers. Turns out this quiet family oriented neighborhood has quite a few hot destinations. One such destination spot is Mitchell’s Ice cream. There is always an insanely long line outside, even in cold foggy weather. The long queue stayed until closing time at 10:30pm. Thanks to this place, I always feel safe walking at night.

Upon entering the place, you have to grab a number near the entry way and wait for your number to be called. My friends and I waited for 20 minutes at 10pm one night. They sell their ice cream in boxes to-go too (at other retail store) yet most people prefer waiting in line to have their ice cream served on the spot. You can choose a pretzel cone as well.

Mitchell's icecream

What’s special about this place is their exotic tropical flavors made from fruits import from the Philippines: avocado, buko (baby coconut), guava,
langka (jackfruit), macapuno (sweet coconut), mango, pineapple and ube (purple yam).

I got the Buko (baby coconut) and Ube (purple yam). Wow it’s indeed very good. Their ice cream is thick and milky. There’re fresh and refreshing bits of coconut in Buko, and the Ube taste amazing (especially for those who likes the chestnut/taro-ish flavors).

Other than Mitchell’s, SF has a few others equally popular ice cream joints in the city (will report them later) and I have to say this place is my favorite of them all. I’m amazed that such a windy, cold, foggy city like SF can sustain all these popular ice cream joints. It really shows how supportive people here are for their community.

Mitchell’s Icecream
688 San Jose Ave. San Francisco, CA 94110

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