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Delfina Pizzeria (San Francisco: Mission)

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Delfina Pizzeria is one of the most popular joints in SF, and like most popular SF restaurants Delfina has a long line queueing outside. It’s located on the popular 18th street where it shares the block with other insanely popular places such as Tartine bakery and Bi-rite Creamery and Bi-rite Market.


There are less than 10 tables in the small interior, we waited for about 30 minute for a table. You can order glasses of wine to whet your appetite while waiting and watching pizza being made in the open kitchen.


Amatriciana: guanciale, chili, perorino, tomato, black pepper $16. So Delicious! The sauce is very yummy and I like the thin crust as well. I like how simple, classic the pizza is but they’re full of flavors and you won’t get bore eating more slices.


Grilled Peppers. It was quite chilly but again, the preparation is very simple (olive oil, salt) but it’s so good!


Monterey Bay Sardines.


Carbonara – Scallops,  pecorino, guanciale, Egg. It sounded good on paper but it’s actually a bit salty in the end result.

Clam Pie – Cherrystones, tomato, oregano, pecorino, hot peppers $17. Very delicious! Their red sauce is just good – not too thick but flavorful. The chopped clam gave a nice fresh seafood flavor to the pretty spicy sauce.

Being from LA it’s inevitable we’ll compare Mozza with Delfina. I have to say I prefer Delfina for its simplicity. Their crust is good too. I came back here twice because I enjoyed their casual, simple vibe a lot. There’s a more proper restaurant version next door, I haven’t try it yet but I tend to like smaller, brighter places like the Pizzeria. 

Delfina Pizzeria
 3621 18th St (between Guerrero St & Oakwood St), San Francisco, CA 94110

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