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Bun Mee (San Francisco: Pacific Height)

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Even though I’m satisfied with Saigon Sandwich, I’m curious about how Bun Mee, a chic, design Banh mi place in the upscale Pacific Height neighborhood, a drastic different from where the former locates.

Bun meeBun mee
Bun mee

Cute interior.

Bun mer

Bun Mee Combo 6.75 Grilled lemongrass Kurobuta pork, paté de campagne, mortadella, garlic aioli, shaved onion, pickled carrot & daikon, cucumber, jalapenos, cilantro. This fully packed sandwich is good – good quality meat, not as flavorful as I expected but still good. Though it’s not necessarily more satisfying than Saigon Sandwich’s cheap offerings, I wonder if it’s the lack of Maggi sauce…. The bread is nothing special though.

Bun mee

Smokey Eggplant 6.25 Grilled eggplant, cauliflower relish, red curry aioli, shaved onion, pickled carrot & daikon, jalapenos, cilantro.

I came back and tried the Bun Noodle Bowl, it’s a bit bland as they don’t use fish sauce in the sauce.

While I do appreciated that I can enjoyed good Vietnamese sandwich in a safe and nice neighborhood where I can sit down, and not to get harassed by bums and crazy people on the street, but it’s double the price and the flavors are toned down (Americanized). You get some you lose some I guess

Bun Mee
2015 Fillmore St (between Pine St & California St) San Francisco, CA 94115

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