December 8, 2005 4

Night @ Puerto Vallarta (Part 8 )

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Not only our boss forced tequilla shot down everyone in our villa, when he led the group out town at night, he bought everyone shots after shots (can’t refuse!) at whatever bar we passed by.

After couple mis-adventures, everyone somehow gathered at this slick and fancy club Hilos. They have these waitresses with long claw fingernails and whistle in her mouth, who’d attack everyone with shots (usually 5 at a time). Then she’d grab your head and shake them, ripped open your shirt and pinch your nipple. What’s up with that!? They go gentler toward girls (no ripping clothes). I got so many scandalize pictures…but I’d spare the girls. She attacked me twice. Now I looked at the pictures carefully, they do have price tag around their neck…I wonder who arranged and paid for those shots? Our boss went crazy and kept grabbing everyone (he’s a huge tall guy) and lifts them onto bar top. It was all cheesy bar top dancing fun. I passed out toward the end and missed some famous hot ‘man on man’ actions that everyone’s talking about. XD

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4 Responses to “Night @ Puerto Vallarta (Part 8 )”

  1. seat says:

    Oh my god~~~~
    Must be your boss who paid for those shots plus nipples-pinching?!
    You have a great boss!! ^^;;;
    How were you attacked??

  2. seat says:

    Oh and you really had the guts to take pics of those drunk people with the flash on!! ^^;;

  3. Freda says:

    Those ladies just came up behind you while blowing the whistle, with a bottle and shots ready and while you were confuse and tyring ot refuse, they just jam the shot into your mouth…then doing the ‘rituals” ^^;; Can’t escape them…

  4. seat says:

    So barbaric~!! ^^;;;