December 9, 2005 4

Mix @ Puerto Vallarta (Part 12)

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Too hot on the street~ We got these Raspas drink (Raspas = Mexican shaved ice?), mine is guava flavor, taste very real fruit juice and very good. There’re tequila flavor too~ I notice there’re hard liquor sold in every convenient store and even cooler like this. PV is truly party city~

On the last night, our boss led the group out in town. A few girls suggested to hang out at this gay bar. We walked all the way upstairs but our boss changed his mind and led everyone down because it’s too “mellow” (=not gay enough ^^;;). Instead he insisted going inside this really really stupid looking Señor Frog’s, a really cheesy Hard Rock cafe-ish frat boys hang out place…you know where it’s all college kids with foam party, bikini contest and such. It is so painfully embarassing to go in. Boss insisted it’d be ironic fun, worst because you have to ‘pay’ to get in. One of our guys (who’s ever drunk in this trip) get push up to a drinking contest. It’s between customer and guys who work there Our guy won though. One of our gals (also in the pic) got pull up there as the ‘ring girl’. While on stage, the host said whenever the customer lost she has to flash her boobs. The girl got so pissed and wanted down but they wouldn’t let her (she manage to wriggle out at the end). The crowd there are unbelievable lame, and the music are like Usher and bad Mexican pop. I feel really bad that boss had to pay for us for this. Some of us sneaked out one by one later.

Alright this conclude my trip report~~ 😀

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4 Responses to “Mix @ Puerto Vallarta (Part 12)”

  1. seat says:

    Oh no, this place is the last place you went in your trip? I wonder why your boss picked it. It is crazy that they are asking and half-forcing female customers to show their breasts!! I would be outraged! You guys should have gone to the gay bar~~~or anywhere!

  2. tomoko says:

    ooooh senior frogs!
    theres one in tijuana.
    I know how lame it gets in there
    but “ironic fun” is such a creative way
    to explain it! haha ^^;

  3. Freda says:

    Oh my there’s senor frogs in tijuana? I guess it’s a chain (much like Hard Rock cafe) in all of those ‘spring break’ location ^^;;; Those places probably are so used to those party college girls who would actually LOVE to show their breast to prove how wild and party going they are…^^;;

  4. tomoko says:

    haha yeah exactly like those
    cliche-MTV-spring break shows huh :p