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Ramen Jinya (Miracle Mile)

By in 07: Mid-Wilshire

I’m so glad to see all these ramen joints popping up all over LA these days! I thought I was mistaken when I drove by Wilshire and saw the sign Ramen Jinya in a tiny strip mall that nobody really goes to. Could there really be a good authentic ramen joint so close to where I live in my neighourhood? Especially in Miracle Mile which is kind of lacking in good food?

Ramen JinyaRamen Jinya
We decided to check it out as it had just newly opened. The furnitures are still new and the interior is “designy” but understated compare to Robata Jinya. For some reason the soundtrack is techno, not the good ones either.

Ramen Jinya
Tonkotsu Black $10.55
Instead of their regular Tonkotsu ramen I tried the “special” on the menu which cost more. The difference seems to be more toppings and the extra dark oil. The ramen is pork broth based, the toppings are: chashu, spinach, bamboo green onion, fried onion, dried seaweed and flavored egg + garlic oil.

Rich flavorful broth, springy noodle, soft yolk egg…etc, it’s good and satisfying. But I’m not sure the extra black oil add that much to it. Probably fine to just get the regular one. I’ll comment on this more when I review the other new places, for comparison.

Ramen Jinya
My poor husband is allergic to gluten so he opt for the Tokyo curry rice. Turns out, it was surprisingly very good! The curry has ground meat in it.
We actually went back few days later for the curry. Their Gyoza are pretty good too.

We’re satisfied and really glad for it to be in this neck of the wood so we don’t always have to drive to Sawtelle, Culver city or Torrance for some good authentic Japanese ramen and curry! Also, people really should just stop going to that certain popular place in Little Tokyo for subpar ramen + long wait, there’re so many better options now!

In fact we like Sake house Miro down the street too (I never got around to blog about it due to laziness) and both places would make a eating + drinking combine for dining out. There are two other Ramen Jinya in LA, the original one is in Studio city, the other one is on Sawtelle (coming soon). I’ll write about two other new ramen places that we tried next.

Miracle Mile:
5174 Wilsher Blvd Los Angeles CA 90036

Studio City:
11239 Ventura Blvd. Studio City,CA 91604

Sawtelle (coming soon):
2208 Sawtelle Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90064

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