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Graffiti Sublime Cafe (Mid-City)

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I’m not sure what I think of Graffiti Cafe, it doesn’t feel like a  cafe to me, it’s more like a lounge or club from the 80s Los Angeles, or a dated “trendy” place you would find in parts of Europe or Asia. It’s also overly spacious, especially for the amount of people there, the all white palette made it feel more empty. Lots of haters for this place on Yelp mainly because of its cash only policy.

Here I’ll let the pictures speak for itself:
graffiti coffee
graffiti coffee
They do have an ATM machine and it was kind of an eye sore. The interior reminds me of a design studio, in fact it would be great if my design company could move in here.

graffiti coffee
graffiti coffeegraffiti coffee
The coffee was pretty good. However, with so many great new and old coffee shops now in Los Angeles, I’m not sure I like the vibe of this place enough to return. Though I could see it being a place for a big group of friends hanging out for coffee post-dinner.

Graffiti Sublime Cafe
180 S La Brea Ave Los Angeles, CA 90036

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